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V31 Historical Society of Pennsylvania miscellaneous lantern slide collection This collection of lantern slides is composed mostly of reproductions of prints and maps, particularly those by Birch. There are also depictions of the Blue Bell Inn, Penn's House in Fairmount Park, Bartram's House, the Chew House, and Mt. Pleasant. The collection also contains views of Philadelphia streets, the Chestnut Street Theatre and the Girard Bank, as well as several unidentified items.
V26 Friends Meeting Houses lantern slides This collection of lantern slides includes Quaker meeting houses and churches in Pennsylvania, the Presbyterian church in Newtown, famous houses owned by Frederick Antes, D. Marson, Morris, David Garrett, Sharpless, Pennypacker, Potts, and two prints of Mount Vernon and Robert Norris' house.
V09 Historical Society of Pennsylvania large miscellaneous lantern slide collection This collection contains approximately 1900 slides and pertains mainly to the Philadelphia vicinity but covers a wide range of topics, from Academy of Fine Arts to graves and graveyards to schools and colleges and industry. The slides are arranged alphabetically by topic. A significant number of the slides are reproductions of prints, especially by Frank H. Taylor. Locations include mile-markers leading out of Philadelphia, mills, nearby towns, and Bartram's house/gardens.
V13 Free Library of Philadelphia lantern slides collection The collection contains lantern slides of Pennsylvania views highlighting images of Philadelphia. Of note are scenes in and around Fairmount Park and the Valley Forge National Historic Park. Philadelphia views include the boat and ship industry, parades and processions, police and fire departments, water distribution structures and the Falls of the Schuylkill and Haddington sections. Also included are slides with views of Portland, Orgeon. The collection is divided into 14 sub-units. Includes of the Naval Yard, Philadelphia Water Works, University of Pennsylvania, etc.
V11 Philadelphia Fire Fighting lantern slides Scenes of Philadelphia area house drawn and steam fire engines in front of fire houses, miscellaneous buildings, and alone. Contains images of fire fighters, fire insurance agents, and dogs. Collection also contains images of horse-drawn ambulances.
V30 McKaig lantern slide collection Most lantern slides reproduce 19th century photographs of Philadelphia streets and historic houses and churches by F D B Richards, the Langenheim Brothers, McClees and Bonsal. Streets represented include Chestnut Street, Arch Street, Broad Street, and Dock Street. Highlights Mt. Pleasant, the Rittenhouse Mansion, and other homes. Also depicts the Langenheim daguerreotype of crowds at Girard Bank in 1844.
V08 Historical Society of Pennsylvania miscellaneous lantern slide collection Miscellaneous lantern slides including exteriors of unidentified buildings, graphics of hit songs, aerial views, and farm related pieces. Of note are the Arrowmink Transportation Company Passenger Moter Carrier in Brookline, the freight station at Garret Road, and a Westchester Street Car near the Millbourne Mills.
V19 Historical Society of Pennsylvania miscellaneous Philadelphia area lantern slides collection Includes reproductions of American art including portraiture by Peale, Trumbull, and Stuart (particularly of George Washington) and Philadelphia views by William Birch. Also contains images of Independence Hally, Philadelphia's waterworks, historic buildings, and hotels, taverns, battlefields, and bridges in the surrounding area. Depicts sites in Germantown and Valley Forge.
V29 Keystone View Company lantern slides From 1892 to 1963, the Keystone View Company produced thousand of images of people and places from the United States and around the world. The photos are of historical, social, cultural, and geographic interest. The company was founded in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1892 by B.L. Singley, an amateur photographer who began by selling glass slides of local interest. The slides soon became a popular form of entertainment and the company grew to include some 50,000 images. As other forms of entertainment replaced the viewing of lantern slides, the companýs growth slowed. It was purchased in 1963 by the Mast Development Company. Mast retained a Keystone division for a short time that manufactured products for the optical profession.This collection consists of sixteen lantern slides from the Keystone View Company. The first seven slides, numbered 61 through 67, contain images of industrial Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Six of these scenes relate to the citýs iron and steel industry, while the seventh is a shot of the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. The next three photographs present a coke mine and an oil well from unknown locations in Pennsylvania. Two photographs represent Americás past with a scene from the Gettysburg battlefield and a still of the Liberty Bell from inside Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The four remaining photographs are also from Philadelphia. Two are industrial and are from a textile mill and a locomotive workshop. Another is of people working in a school garden, while the last photo is of the coining presses at the federal mint.
V21 Historical Society of Pennsylvania health springs lantern slides and Glass Photonegative Documents the beach and other attractions in Atlantic City, N. J. Also contains materials related to several health springs including Yellow Springs, Marple Springs, Willow Groves, and Bedford Springs. Depicts John J. Audubon's House, Bullock and Crenshaw's store in Philadelphia, Gorgas' Mill at Cresheim Creek and Fairmount Park. Illustrates advertisements in the Pennsylvania Gazette.
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