Series Photo Number Order Number URL Caption Length Width Firm Date Received Date Delivered Notes Duplicate Type
  1022 7061 2-28 ft. Bodies 8 8 Niagara Falls & Lewiston Elec. Ry. 1996-02-28 1996-06-15 Interior view of car with four pairs of fabric-upholstered transverse seats surrounding wood tables. Windows have pull-down shades.   Negative Missing
  1046 7257 1/2 20-# Man Trac. Trucks 8 8 Brook. City & Newtown R.R. Co. 1996-05-27 1996-08-30 Side view of undercarriage.   Negative Missing
  10708 22488 1/2 148-Trail trucks 14 14 Department of City Transit for Broad Street Subway, Phila., Pa. 1926-10-27   Aerial view of undercarriage (without wheels). The date 6/1/27 is printed on the front of the photo, with the photo and order numbers. Date delivered: May to Dec. 1927. Also filed under Philadelphia--P.R.T., v. 3 (Order #22211-23296) Acetate Negative
  10953 22584 and 22585 2-73 ft. Baggage Gas Electric Motor Bodies AND 9-73 ft. Straight Passenger Trail Gas Electric bodies 14 14 American Car & Foundry Company for Seaboard Air Line Ry. Co. 1927-05-31 1927-09-30 Right side view of two cars, end to end. "Seaboard" is printed along the side of both cars, below the windows. The front car has a front driver's entrance and two baggage doors (all closed). The back car has front and back passenger entrances (both closed).   Acetate Negative
  11195 22688 3-79 E2 trucks less whls & axles 8 8 A.C. Co. for Oklahoma Rwy. Co. 1928-04-18 1928-05-29 Front view of undercarriage. Also filed under Oklahoma Acetate Negative
  11444 22673 1/4 1-50 E4 Motor truck 10 10 Department of City Transit-City of Philadelphia 1928-03-08 1928-07-14 Side view of undercarriage. Also filed under Philadelphia--P.R.T., v. 3 (Order #22211-23296) Acetate Negative
  11684 22746 2-73' D.P.P. Pass. Bag. & Mail Gas Elec. Motor bodies 12 12 Reading Company 1928-12-07 1929-03-10 Interior view of baggage area, looking towards rear. Shows wooden longitudinal bench on the right side of the print, a front-facing wooden transverse bench to the right of the door to the passenger compartment, and a heater in the left corner. The door ot the passenger compartment is open. Also filed under Railroads, Reading Acetate Negative
  11937 22788 5-73ft D.P.P. Straight Passenger Gas Electric Motor bodies 4 4 Southern Paific Equipment Company for Southern Pacific Ry. Co. 1929-05-15 1929-09-15 Interior view of passenger compartment showing transverse mounted, cloth upholstered bucket seats all facing forward. A view through an open door shows another compartment in the same car and a further view through another open door. Also filed under Railroads, Rich-South Acetate Negative
  12188 22884 1-39 E1 Truck 4'10" wheel Base 14 14 Montana Power Co., Great Falls, Montana 1930-06-09 1930-07-21 Front view of undercarriage with two large wheels and two pony wheels.   Acetate Negative
  12576 23080 1-Special Sample Car Body (to be mounted on traction of order 23060) 12 12 Chicago City Railway Co. for Chicago Surface Lines, Chicago, Illinois 1933-09-20 1934-01-07 Same view as shown in photo 12574, except the lights are off inside the car, and it is light outside.   Acetate Negative
  1410     8 8       Side view of undercarriage sidebar. There are extensive notes concerning the layout of the photograph and necessary changes writen in pencil on the back of the photo. No order number provided on photograph.   Glass Plate Negative
  1643 11068 1-Parlour Car Semi-Conv. Mot. Bod. for Pres't. McKinley at Expos'n. etc. 16 16 Buffalo Ry. Co.   1901-05-15 Interior view of car, looking towards rear. Shows wicker chairs and tables lining both sides of the car. Windows have pull-down shades and curve in slightly towards the ceiling. There is some detailing painted on the ceiling. Date received: Ap. 22, 1901. Date delivered: May 15, 1901. Also filed under New York State, A-B. Glass Plate Negative
  1854 13029 10-29'9" Mot. Bodies 18 18 Rochester Ry. Co. 1903-08-17 1903-11-15 Interior view of car, looking towards rear. Shows five rows of fabric-upholstered transverse seats in front of an inward-facing longitudinal bench on the left side, and the reverse on the right. Windows have pull-down shades. Date received: Aug. 17, 1903. Date delivered: Nov. 15, 1903.   Glass Plate Negative
  2072     10 10       Interior view of car, looking towards left side. Shows five rows of fabric-upholstered transverse seats. Windows curve in slightly towards the ceiling. No order number provided on photograph.   Negative Missing
  2282 14843 2-35' Gondola Mot. Bod. 14 14 Rio de Jan. Trys., L. & P. Co. Ltd. 1905-12-06 1906-02-05 Side view of flatbed car. Date received: Dec. 6, 1905. Date delivered: Feb. 5, 1906. Also filed under Brazil--Rio de Janeiro Glass Plate Negative
  25     14 14       Side view of flatbed car. "Mexico, Toluca, Cuatitlan" is printed on the side of the bed. No order number provided on photograph. Also filed under North America--Mexico--Toluca Cuautitlan Negative Missing
  2723 15974 6-31' Sem-Con. Mot. bod. 14 14 La Companhia Tramways Lacroze de Buenos     Interior view of vestibule area, looking towards side doorway (doors closed). Date received: Ap. 17, 1907. Date delivered: 10-July 15, 1907; 10-Aug. 15, 1907; 15-Sep. 14, 1907; 15-Oct. 15, 1907. Also filed under Argentina (Folder 1 and 2) Glass Plate Negative
  2953     8 8       Front view of fare collection machine. No order number provided on photograph. Also filed under Misc. Parts Glass Plate Negative
  3184 16840 1-30' Wood underframe Tank Body 12 12 E.I. Dupont de Nemours Powder Co. 1909-07-21 1909-09-01 Side view of underframe. Date received: July 21, 1909. Date delivered: Sep. 1, 1909. Also filed under Industrial A-F--E.I. DuPont de Nemours Powder Co. Glass Plate Negative
  3414 16952 50-32'0" PAYE Mot. Bodies 36 36 Chic. City Ry. Co. 1909-09-24 1909-12-15 Right side view of car with front and rear doors (rear doors open). The changeable sign in the side window at the center of the car say "69-Division." "Exit Only" is printed on the front door, and "Entrance" and "Exit" are printed above the rear doors. Date received: Sept. 24, 1909. Date delivered: Dec. 15, 1909 and to be completed by Jan. 1st, 1910. Also filed under Illinois--Chicago, City and Surface Acetate Negative
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